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THE commitments

So no, you are not promised carbon neutral services, offset by planting trees on the other side of the world. Digital activity, such as the production of images, has a real impact on the environment. We therefore try to do everything possible to reduce this footprint as much as possible, and we support you in doing so.

LA HUTTE advocates for creation mindful of its impact, both social and environmental. In complete transparency, here is a series of commitments and areas for improvement.

The first watchword is authenticity. We work for committed individuals and collectives to provide them with the most authentic images possible. We bring an artistic touch so that the sensitive finds a central place, focusing on the details that make the difference. For creative shoots, the energy is directed to build a  shared identity between the photographic writing of the studio and the wishes of the client.

For each of the projects, we reflect upstream on its impact, from its reflection to its delivery and even afterwards, through eco-production : it involves thinking about the social and environmental impact of the services (what will the images be used for), reducing CO2 emissions by favoring soft modes of transport for all stakeholders, reusing sets and/or recycling them through resource centers such as ArTex, and encrypt all that thanks to a carbon footprint summary. And if there are no alternatives to a position, it is listed as an area for improvement. We do not take planes. Never.

Whether they are a florist, make-up artist, hairdresser, audiovisual studio, chef, drone pilot, and many others, we take great pleasure in setting up projects as a team. This is why LA HUTTE is part of the Damier network in Clermont-Ferrand (FR), a cluster of cultural and creative companies, and adheres to ArTex, cultural and creative resource center of Auvergne (FR). The studio's images and communication media are produced locally in Clermont-Ferrand workshops, including L'Imaginarium du Photographe or Terre d'images.

LA HUTTE is one of the providers of the Doume, the complementary local currency of Puy-de-Dôme. By transforming their euros into doumes, the citizen gets involved in favor of local, quality production, distribution and consumption of goods and services that respect people and nature. All projects can be settled using the Doume, and each month, 100€ are transformed into Doume in the form of salary. With transparency, here is the link to a spreadsheet showing the payments made. For any collaboration with professionals, we have also chosen a bank which no longer invests its assets in fossil fuels.

Computer and camera equipment has a large impact on the environment, in part due to the mining of rare materials for electronic components. We provide ourselves with refurbished equipment on the shooting part, the computer equipment is modular according to the evolution of technologies and software.

On substantial projects in terms of resources, we rent equipment to promote the pooling of resources at Riot House Studio.

There is still work to be done on the digital footprint of the studio, with the aim of creating an eco-designed website by 2024 (first redesign carried out in 2022), and rethinking the processes for delivering files to clients in order to minimize the use of the "cloud" .

LA HUTTE offices are powered by a 100% renewable energy supplier purchased in France, Ilek.
We also favor the soft modes of transport: the electric bike for long-term rental C.Vélo in Clermont-Ferrand, and the train everywhere else, for appointments or order work. When the train takes you far, you sometimes have to resort to shared vehicles on site, preferably electric. When no alternative is possible due to non-existent infrastructure, then the company car comes as a last resort. For the moment, it still runs on diesel :(

It seems so obvious, but putting it in black and white is essential. We reject any form of discrimination gender, origin, skin color, disability, social class... And we expect the same from our partners.

The boxes containing the photographs are made from recycled materials and/or
natural, by hand, and the printing is done locally. We adopt the same approach for communication media, made by hand or printed on recycled paper. Yes, this paragraph looks a bit like greenwashing, but it takes so much time to collect materials and customize them by hand that we say it anyway, damn!

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