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Behind the scenes of an ad campaign

How does a staging shoot work with LA HUTTE?

As if you were there, we take you behind the scenes of the C.vélo Box visual campaign: 4 models, our client, smoke, lights to reproduce an artificial rising sun, and a retro atmosphere to highlight the metropolitan bicycle garage allowing you to take the train without having to worry about it. A small blog article on a photographic collaboration with Igor Markarian who produced these backstage images.

1. Ideation

First we exchange and inspire each other. Creative meeting, moodboard, logistics and eco-production are the keys to properly prepare this campaign.

2. Shooting

Time for the photo shoot! Here we deploy great means (while remaining sober). The light is controlled using flashes which reproduce a sunrise, and a smoke machine adds texture to the atmosphere. We salute our local equipment rental partners, Riot House and AudioVisuel Ingénierie.

The models have a vintage style and we check the images live with Jean-Philippe, communications manager of C.vélo, using the camera connected to the computer. We execute the first colorimetric adjustments.

Little team photo (Igor had already left, but big ups to him!):

3. Post-production and delivery

A campaign visual is worked down to the smallest details. Retouching work is essential to bring out the colors, the atmosphere, remove unwanted elements and refine the style.

With these visuals, LA HUTTE also delivered a short photographic report on the use of the C.vélo Box for the agency's website and its social networks, with a more neutral colorimetry that can adapt to all media communication.

Here a before and after retouching

Shock team to find on Instagram:

Models @mh2off @robinreigner @huangcecile + Corry

Behind the scenes photographer @studiomarkarian

Technical material @riothousestudio + AVI

The C.Vélo team @c.velo_officiel

AD and production of visuals @lahuttestudio


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