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What style of photo for your project?

At LA HUTTE, we meet committed organizations and companies with a wide variety of profiles. Although specialized in communicating virtuous projects, each project is different, and the style of photography will depend on the needs of the organization. Calling on a professional photographer allows you to highlight different aspects of your activity.

Every project is different and requires a unique approach. In this article, we will therefore give an overview of the different styles of photography and their most common uses.

1. Report

Reporting is a style of photography that is particularly suited to events. Whether for a show, a company party or a festival, the report allows you to capture the atmosphere, the highlights and the interactions between the people present. The photos are taken on the spot and have a natural and spontaneous aspect that will allow you to relive the event with emotion.

Clients: Institut des Métiers de Clermotn-Ferrand, Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand - Scène nationale, Les Pépites Vertes, Le Checkerboard, L'Armoire à Cuillères, Atelier Vous, Pixel[13]

2. Staging, visual identity and advertising campaign

This style of photography is often used to showcase products or services. The meticulous staging makes it possible to highlight the characteristics of a product or service by using specific decorative elements, models, a studied lighting atmosphere and a strong identity. When shooting, substantial equipment is often necessary to create real lighting, cinematographic or studio writing. It is also possible to use natural or urban decors with a strong graphic aesthetic and to develop models with a thoughtful clothing look beforehand. The photos are very worked in post-production and allow you to create an impactful image for your communication. These photographs may be used on the web, or in print display, and must therefore allow the insertion of text or logos, and be available in several formats.

Clients: Colombus Consulting, Picture Organic Clothing (made at Riot House), Boom'Structur - Choreographic center, Santé'âtre

3. Portrait

Portrait photography is a style of photography that highlights people. Whether for your website, your social networks or your internal communication, portraits can be used to present the members of your team, the leaders of the company, your customers or collaborators. Portraits can be taken in the studio, indoors or outdoors, and the photographer will work with you to create an image that reflects your personality, commitments, and dynamics.

Clients: Boom'Structur - Choreographic center, Atelier Vous, Babka, Santé'âtre, OXFAM France, Riot House, Colombus Consulting, Atelier Arpente

4. Lifestyle

The lifestyle style of photography is used to tell a story. Whether for an advertising campaign or for your website, lifestyle photos allow you to show your product or service in its context of use or life. The photos are taken on the spot and have a natural aspect that will allow the viewer to identify themselves. They are particularly suitable for crafts, manual practices, care, or outdoor activities.

Clients: Atelier Arpente, Colombus Consulting, Babymoov (made at Riot House), C.Vélo, Groupe La Poste

5. Creative & culinary packshot

The creative packshot allows you to showcase your products in a creative way. The “packshot” originally refers to product photography without context, on a neutral background, often used to describe technical characteristics or for e-commerce sales. Whether for an online store, a brochure or a catalog, creative packshots allow you to show your products from an original and attractive angle, by adding a graphic atmosphere, a soul. The photographer will dialogue with you to create an original staging that will highlight the characteristics of your products. On the same principle, highlight your gourmet creations with food photography: good ingredients, utensils, and built-in light to illustrate your dishes, to use on your social networks or website.

Clients: Picture Organic Clothing, Black+Decker, Babymoov (projects carried out at Riot House), Colombus Consulting, Malice & Délice, L'Armoire à Cuillères

6. Photographs of places, landscapes or architecture

It is sometimes useful to highlight places, landscapes or architecture in the context of a professional activity. If you are a craftsman, an architect, if your activity is established in a territory and maintains a strong link with it, this style of photography makes it possible to illustrate it. Whether for your website, your brochure or your internal communication, photographs of places allow you to show the places where you work, your architectural and landscape creations, or the natural sites that surround you. Photos can be taken outdoors or indoors, and the photographer will work with you to create an image that reflects the mood and decor of your organization and its surroundings.

Clients: Atelier Casa (made at Riot House), Atelier d'Architecture Panthéons, Adour-Garonne Water Agency, Babka

To sum up...

In conclusion, each project is different and requires a unique approach to photography. Whether you need a report for an event, a meticulous scene for your advertising campaign, a portrait to highlight the people in your organization, a lifestyle style to tell a story, a creative packshot to highlight your products or photographs of places to highlight the environment of your company, a professional photographer can advise you and help you choose the style of photography that best suits your project. It is important to discuss with your photographer your needs and expectations so that he/she can offer you the best solution for your project.

Feel free to check out his portfolio to get an idea of his style and previous accomplishments, and ask him any questions you have in mind. The choice of photography style is crucial to the success of your project, so take the time to think carefully about what you want to communicate through your images, and let a professional guide you to the best solution.

At LA HUTTE, we regularly update the projects for which we are proud to work, and our achievements are visible on our brochure for download in the "Achievements" tab.


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